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Lifevine patients produce the finest quality medical grade cannabis: organic medicine - not hydroponic, free of toxic chemicals



The Law in WA

Patients with certain medical conditions are qualified to possess limited amounts of marijuana with their doctor's recomendation. As a qualified patient, you are allowed to grow your own medicine, or find a designated provider to grow it for you.

Many patients, who are unable to produce quality medicine alone, join a collective garden.

The information on this site is provided by The Lifevine Medical Group

MJ Patient Rights

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Cannabis Common Sense 839 with Martin Martinez, 5/20/16
Medical Marijuana at Town Hall 12/21/13
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Lifevine Medical Group has been operating legally since 1999.


We provide the best quality of medical-grade cannabis at lowest possible rates. We have maripills, tinctures, cannabutter, hashish, Simpson oil, concentrates and other edibles. We also deliver throughout Western Washington. Since 1999, Lifevine has been governed by a simple principle:

Patients Helping Patients

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